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Skull Handled Collapsible Umbrella

The chrome plated skull with hand-painted details that forms of the handle of this compact umbrella will be certain to grab attention, and it's small size makes it great for on-the-go. The mini herringbone pattern detail of the material offers a refined finish, sure to compliment any look you pair it with.
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Handmade Wood Handled Umbrellas

Soon, hopefully very soon, the weather will take a turn for the milder. Changing leaves, cooler temperatures and shorter days. With that, it'll be time to get your wardrobe in harmony with the season.

These hand-hewn umbrellas are made in Italy from either bamboo or broom tree. The wood handle and tube are accented by nickel plated brass hardware. Running in lengths from 37" to 38" (93cm to 98cm) with an approximate canvas diameter of 41" (104cm), they offer ample cover from any autumn storms you might come across. The subtle fall colors will accent any wardrobe selections you might make, so you can be sure you will always look on top of your game.

Leather Woven Slip-on

Sneakers go high fashion with these über-luxe sneakers that combine grosgrain and leather in a sleek Bottega Veneta-esque basket weave.

Cotton Geometric Shirt

Handmade printed shirts in 100 percent cotton pop with geometric patterns.

Suede Elephant Skin Briefcase

This piece is eye-catching. Lined in our signature red Italian suede , this black suede elephant skin briefcase is a magnificent bag to add to your collection or to use on a daily basis. The nickel-plated brass hardware notably compliments the black suede exterior, and an optional shoulder strap means you can take it with you on-the-go, and have your hands free for your phone, paper or a cup of coffee.

The elephant skin used in our bags is from fallen elephants - that is to say, those that have died from natural causes. In no way are poached or hunted elephants used to produce this piece. Furthermore, the supplier of the elephant skin gives a portion of their proceeds back to protect elephants and preserve their habitats.

12" x 3 1/2" x 15 1/2"

Gloss Carbon Fiber Briefcase with Cream Leather

All Hand-made 16.5" x 12" x 3" and 17.5" x 11.5" x 4"
Exclusively and entirely made in Italy of Glacies carbon fiber. Interior lined in quilted Silkpowder leather, completely hand stitched. Removable panels for ease of maintenance.
All brass locking mechanism following tradition of Italian trunks. Numerical combination lock. RDIF blocking system to safeguard sensitive data.
Optional ballistic panels

All Carbon Fiber Trolley with Cream Leather

Exclusively and entirely made in Italy of Glacies carbon fiber.

Telescoping Carbon fiber handle. Wheels: Polyuthane elastomer, nylon core, double ball bearings, solid precision machined aluminum mounting.

Clasps: Magnetic closure system of solid precision machined aluminum. TSA access

Fully rotating hinge and solid precision machined aluminum.

Zipper directly stitched onto carbon fiber, highly durable nylon with rubber seal and hand stitched leather finishes. TSA access

All brass locking mechanism following tradition of Italian trunks. Numerical combination lock. RDIF blocking system to safeguard sensitive data

Optional ballistic panels 

H54cm x W37cm x D21cm

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Saddle And Carbon Fiber Trolley

These days, travel is a chore for most of us. The goal is to get from Point A to Point B with the least amount of hassle in the shortest time possible, and it's understandable why that's so. But, even if that's the case, there's no reason to let your style suffer as you make your way to your destination.

We'd like to think that this trolley style carry-on cart recalls a time when travel was a pleasure, and people dressed for travel. You might recall that, too, with this stylish piece of luggage. Made entirely by hand in Italy from deerskin leather in a beautiful saddle color, and accented with carbon fiber, you'll feel taken back to the time when going somewhere was an event to be anticipated. There's a compartment for clothes and other items, as well as a separate compartment for documents, a tablet or portfolio. The contrasted red interior - a signature of our bags - makes it easier to quickly locate your items inside the bag.

Handle extends 15" past the top

22" x 7 1/2" x 14"

Black Suede Weekend Bag

Also available in a similarly styled brown suede.

Delicious black suede is accented by black crocodile on the handles and supports of this handmade piece of luggage. The bright red lining makes sure you won't lose your keys at the bottom, and an internal side pocket will help you keep "go to" items, like tickets or a electronic device, at the ready. Two side compartments allow you to separate your things while you're on the go. An included shoulder strap will keep you running for the long haul, and the attached lock keeps prying hands off your things.

12 1/2" x 10 1/2" x 22 1/2"

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Carbon Fiber Accented Portfolio

This handmade in Italy chevre portfolio with carbon fiber accenting nicely compliments our carry-on luggage in black. The tongue style clasp makes for quick access to your documents, and our signature red lining means you can see where everything is inside.

9 1/2" x 2" x 14 1/2"

Leather Gloves

Stay warm this winter in our braided leather gloves with cashmere lining.

Handmade in Italy.

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100% Cashmere Ties

Available in a variety of colors.
These beautiful ties are made from some of the finest cashmere in the world. Available in either a herringbone or Donegal pattern. The back side of the tie sports a pinzatura a sella along the spine and hand tipping, emphasizing the incredible quality of workmanship in these wonderful neck ties.
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Silk “Cashmere Feel” Ties

These beautiful pieces are available now in a variety of colors and patterns.
These 100% silk ties are processed in such a manner that, to the touch, they feel as soft and inviting as a warm cashmere sweater. To everyone looking at the beautiful tie you're wearing, it could very well be cashmere - but we won't tell. If you flip the tie over, you'll notice a few other interesting details. Running along the length of the tie is a pinzatura a sella with handles at each end that let you keep the tie from crinkling up over time. The tipping is hand-stitched in Italy and of the utmost quality.
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One-Of-A-Kind Pyrite Cufflinks

We love to present our clients with things which they can't find anywhere else. If you've been to our store, you know how true that is. These gorgeous cufflinks are a prime example of that desire to offer something unique.
Each pair is one of a kind. It all depends on the size of the stone, how it can be cut and how it looks when it comes out of the Earth. No two pair will be alike. If you'd like a pair of these gorgeous cufflinks with their 18K gold setting, email or call us. We'd love to show you the distinctive pair that could be yours
  • Burdi Tie

Personalized Neck Ties

We all have special events and occasions to which we look forward - weddings, anniversaries and so on. Particularly when we're directly involved with those things, we want to look our best, and we want it to be especially memorable. Often, we want that day to go on forever. While eventually the champagne bottles will be empty and the wrapping on the presents torn away, we can offer a little memento of your special event that you can wear for a long time still.

You already know that our ties are something special, but now - Burdi offers custom men's neckwear, affording the opportunity to memorialize your special event long after the day has passed.

Select your message - it could be names and a date, a favorite quote, initials, your choice - up to two line, any language. Select the material, pattern and look for your tie. We then work with our tie maker to produce a custom plate, then produce the tie. What's more, if you're creating a custom tie for a wedding party, let's say, you can produce that message multiple times on a number of ties, for the groom and groomsmen, father-of-the-bride, father-of-the-groom and so on. It's a wonderful memento of a cherished event.

We encourage you to order your customized neck tie with a minimum of four weeks notice, so that we can properly prepare your order and provide the quality craftsmanship you expect from Burdi.

Ancient Coin Cufflinks

You've no doubt noticed our selection of modern coin cufflinks either here on our site or if you've stopped in our store.They're remarkable and really eye-catching. But, maybe you thought, "No, they're not quite old enough for my tastes." If so, well, have we got something you'll really want to add to your collection.

Take, for example, the coin pictured here. Dating from 136 B.C.E, this silver denarius coin originates from the Roman Republic. The coins sit in an 18 karat gold housing accented with fine detail and a flip back pole to complete the cufflink. In such a setting, the front side of the coin is visible, displaying the helmeted head of Roma, the personification of the city of Rome. Truly a magnificent piece of history to wear and discuss.

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18k Gold Animal Cufflinks

Cufflinks can add a bit of personality to your wardrobe. They can subtlety tell onlookers what your tastes are, what interests you pursue or if behind that staid exterior, there's a bit of something lurking. Without question, these gold cufflinks fit that bill.

Each pair is hand-crafted from eighteen karat gold. The mouths are actuated, so they'll open at close as you prefer. When the mouth opens, the creature's eyes come alive with sparkling white diamonds. Each cufflink has a flip back pole, making dressing that much easier for the wearer. The pole is decorated to accent the animal represented.

Cashmere Dopp Kit

Many dopp kitt bags are made of leather or nylon.  This luxurious dopp kit is 100% cashmere. All your necessary items will fit easily in the two zipped compartments, and an additional pocket on the side is great for stuffing your toothbrush or nail clippers into as you run out the door. The lining is a our sharp signature red, making it easy to find your stuff inside. The lining is Alcantara, providing a rich suede feeling, and in case of spills, it offers resistance to water and staining.

Calfskin Drivers

Available in black or tan.

Head down the highway, strike off to the suburbs, maybe even head out-of-state before the dreaded winter arrives. These handmade calfskin driving loafers are ideal for just such an occasion. Made just for driving, they'll provide you with style and comfort as you slip behind the wheel of your favorite car for a few hours, with rubberized bumps offering your feet extra cushioning.